Monday, 29 January 2018

Chicago DUI Lawyers Offer Criminal Defense Services Before Court in Chicago, Illinois

30, January 2018: An individual facing any kind of criminal charge in Chicago can expect the highest level of representation in court by a team of experienced criminal attorneys working with Attorney John Wright. The attorneys offer criminal defense in all types of matters to protect the legal rights of their clients.

The Chicago DUI Experts law firm comes to the rescue of an individuals who have been charged with crimes by the government. They have the experience and expertise to create a solid defense to protect the person from going to jail and pursue the matter in the court at every stage. According to Attorney John Wright, who is the leading attorney of the firm, “There are people who don’t have any knowledge of the legal system and their legal rights. We defend them by offering the legal assistance with which they can protect themselves within the legal framework of the state.”

There are many kinds of criminal offenses, such as domestic violence, sex crimes, DUI etc where individuals need an immediate consultation from an expert lawyer. Attorney Wright’s law firm wastes no time in offering free consultation to their clients. The Chicago DUI attorneys remain available 24/7 to answer inquiries from those who have been accused in a criminal case. They review the case, take note of the criminal charges leveled against the person and prepare the case to ensure the best outcome for their clients.

Attorney Wright maintains that people who have been arrested by the police or facing an investigation for a crime don’t need to lose hope. According to him, the law of the land guarantees certain legal rights to every individual and his firm is committed to protect the rights of the citizens. Besides doing all paperwork and fighting for justice for their clients, they also provide on-site investigators to collect evidence. One can learn more about their legal services by visiting their website

The Chicago DUI Experts

The law firm has a team of attorneys who are among the most able, skilled, and highly-respected in the country with more than 50 years of combined legal and courtroom experience among them. They have earned impressive accolades from their peers, including law enforcement, prosecutors, and judges for their outstanding practice of criminal law. Their reputation for the highest standards of excellence and integrity has allowed them to forge important professional relationships throughout the legal community. Their experience, reputation, and dedication will all work in favor of a client facing the criminal justice system.

For Media Contact:
Company: The Chicago DUI Experts
Phone: (888) 828-2305


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