Thursday, 16 November 2017

South Austin Locksmith Announces Emergency Hotline When Pets are Locked in Vehicles

16, November 2017: Have you ever had a pet trapped inside of your home or vehicle? The feeling that your poor little pet might overheat can cause you a lot of anxiety. Relax because if you live in South Austin there is a new automotive locksmith service that you can call in order to get your pet freed from your current situation.

“We try our best to be an asset to the community. I mean we really do. If there is a way that we can help someone in need then we will, no matter how small that it may be.” The media manager for South Austin Locksmith said in a statement to press this week.

Because of the countless deaths caused by pets being locked inside of vehicles South Austin Locksmith has set up a new phone number that Austin residents can call. The new phone number connects right to their call center and is taken as an “Emergency rescue call”. When you call

(512)-777-0915 you will have a locksmith rush to your location and free your pet without damaging the vehicle.

“We have the resources to offer such a service and we are going to do it. If we even save one life then we have done our job”. The media manager concluded in an interview earlier this week.

Death caused by heatstroke is one of the leading causes of death for pets in the United States. Do not take chances! South Austin Locksmith's phone number should be saved into every cellphone within the city of Austin.

About South Austin Locksmith:

South Austin Locksmith is a top rated locksmith service provider that has been operating in South Austin Texas since 2010. They provide a full range of locksmith services including a 24 hour emergency locksmith service. You may contact them at their website

For Media Contact:
Company: South Austin Locksmith
Phone: (512)-777-0915

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