Friday, 20 October 2017

The Walking Dead Slot Presents Its Popular Game Based on the Popular TV Horror Series

Computer games have always been one of the most popular sources of entertainment. The choice of games depends on the taste and preference of the gamer in terms of the genre they prefer. Horror games are one of those exciting genres that have seen a rapid rise in the number of releases over the years. The Walking Dead Slot is one of the latest releases that have been based on a popular TV horror series. The series is put out by the U.S. capable network of AMC. The exciting game can be played internationally over Fox International Channels. 

The setup for the game starts with the earth being infected by virus that ends up creating an apocalypse that is killing masses of people. There are only a few survivors who are left apart from the zombies that have awakened after being dead. Now the survivors not only need to battle it out against the virus but also fight out the zombies to survive. 

The game based on the horror show is loaded with lots of graphic content and borrows the same impact that the original show has on offer. The followers of The Walking Dead will find it a great game as they can eventually relate with the series that they have been watching for some time. Hence, if you are an ardent follower of the series that is running its 7th season now, this is the game for you. You could actually feel and be a part of what the series has been based upon. The playing mechanism is quite simple and it takes less to time to understand the overall setting. The developers have ensured to add loads of excitement bonus rounds and the chance of winning big with The Walking Dead Slot Machine. The game can be accessed online from the official site i.e.

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